Washdown Equipment Overall

Strahman Wash Down Equipment includes full lines of mixing units, hose stations, hoses, nozzles and wash down accessories designed for use in food, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries.

Material Options

Bronze housing with Stainless Steel internals or Fully Stainless Steel

Washdown Equipments

● M-5000/5700(Steam and Cold Water),
● M-5000-TS/M-200-TS(Thermostatically controlled),
● M-159/750(Hot and Cold Water),
● M-144(Blend Steam and Cold Water) and more
● Available in Wall-mounted, Recessed, Pedestal, Cabinet

Hose Assemblies

● Black, White or Red Premium Hose Assemblies in Bronze or Stainless
Steel fittings, include Stainless Steel internal springs on both ends for
durability and extended hose life.
● Options available – Extruded/Ergonomic hose assemblies are available.

Water Saving Nozzles

Black, White, Red, Heavy Duty M-70, Mini-70, Extension Nozzle E-76 and Lightweight SS Hydro-Pro 150

Max. Working Conditions

● Max. operating temperature : 93°C
● Max. operating pressure : 150 PSI


● In-built safety measure which automatically cuts steam supply to prevent steam from exiting the nozzle and causing steam burns to operator.

*Thermostatic control option available

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