Sight Flow Indicator 1
Sight Flow Indicator 2

Noris Sight Flow Indicators, from Germany, provide visual means of observing fluids or particulate flow in pipelines without any interruption of process flow. Factors such as colour and clarity of process mediums can be easily observed by operators safely.


Double Window, Angular or 3-way, Tubular.

Material Options

GG-25, GS-C25, 1.4408, 1.4539

Glass Options

Soda lime DIN8902 , Borosilicate DIN 7080, Metaglas to DIN7079

End Connections

Butt Weld, Socket Weld, BSP, NPT, Flanged.

Pressure Rating

ANSI 150-1500lb, DIN PN16-160


Spinner, flapper


● Safety-double window
● Heating jacket
● Wiper
● Spray nozzle
● Sealing for vacuum
● Light fitting

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