Lumiglas combines over 50 years of German engineering and design into sight glasses and light fittings, which are utilized in general to hazardous environments.

Metaglas manufactures metal fused sight glasses conforming to DIN7079, the gold standard in safety for critical processes and severe service applications, where failure is not an option.

Process Observation 1


Circular, Oblong, Rectangular, Screwed on sight glass fitting

Material Options

Steel, Stainless Steel, Special Alloys

Glass Options

Soda lime to DIN8902 , Borosilicate to DIN7080, Metaglas to DIN7079

Pressure Rating

PN 6 to 40, ANSI150


● Camera systems
● Sight Glass Disc in Soda Lime Glass, Borosilicate Glass and Quartz Glass
● Spray Device
● Wiper


Crescent design/ Bolted on/ Screwed type light fitting

Material Options

Aluminium/ Stainless Steel

Nominal Voltage

● AC/DC 12V to 48V
● AC 120V to 230V


Halogen bulb or LED


II 2G Ex d(e) IIC T3/T4 Gb/ II 2D Ex tb IIIC T130/T195, Non-Ex, UL listed

Features & Options

Push button, Ex-proof timer

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