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• Valtac/Valtaco

The Valtac/Valtac range of ball valves is one of the most comprehensive range of 3-pc body ball valves available today. These valves in carbon or stainless steel are available with a large variety of seat/seal materials and connections.

The entire range of Valtac/Valtaco 3-pc body ball valves from 1/4" - 6" is easily mounted with pneumatic or electric actuators, making it possible for the valves to be used in remote situations or automated systems.
Valtac/Valtaco ball valves are suitable for most type of extreme applications such as:

- Critical services
- High - temperature
- High - sealing integrity
- Vacuum services
- High pressure
Valtac/Valtaco Ball Valves are available:

Stainless Steel or Carbon Steel
Reduced Bore or Full Bore
BSP, NPT, BWI, or SW connections

Optional accessories :

- Cranked Handle
- Safety Handle
- Locking Device
- Oval Handle
- T-Handle
- Limit Switch
- Repair Kits
Series 15i Ball Valve
With ISO-mounting pad and encapsulated bolts

Size: DN8 -50
Max PN230/3300psi
Series 15i/26HM Heat Jacketed Ball Valve

Size: DN8 -150
Max PN200/2900psi
Working pressure for Heat jacket: 20 bar max
Series AF15i/26 Fire-Safe Ball Valve

Size: Size: DN8 -150
Class 150, Class 300, to BS6755 part 2
Series 16 /16i Ball Valve
With ISO-Mounting Pad

Size: DN8 -50
Max PN63/900psi
Series 17i 3-way Ball Valve

Size: DN8 -50
Max PN50/725ps
Series 26 Ball Valve
With ISO-Mounting Pad

Size: DN50 -150
Max PN50/720psi
Type of Seats Temperature Range Maximum Pressure Applications
Virgin PTFE (T) -30 to 230°C 70 bar Most Applications
25% Glassfilled PTFE (R) -30 to 230C 100 bar Most Applications
33% Carbonfilled PTFE (C) -30 to 260°C 110 bar Most Applications
Delrin (D) -30 to 80°C 220 bar Hydrocarbons, NACE Co2 (Not for Oxygen)
Vespel (V) -30 to 350°C 210 bar Good Chemical Resistance. For gas, oil and fuel (Not for steam)
Peek (P) -30 to 280°C 210 bar Hydrocarbons, NACE. For Tobaco and Rubber Industries
UHMWPE (U) -30 to 90°C 110 bar Tobacco and Food Industries

Here you can find our extensive range of products to meet your various requirements. If you do not find what you need here, you can also drop us an email  bcvalves@pacific.net.sg

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